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James Griffith returns for a two-hour podcast episode about Beverly Hills Cop, a 106 minute-long movie. While exhuming Eddie Murphy's biggest hit, the conversation sprawled into other Peak Eddie Murphy artifacts like Raw, Delirious, SNL and the masterpiece 48 Hours.

This is the Chris Rock movie I mention. It's good! Check it out if you have a minute.

I got the name of the Walter Hill prison boxing movie wrong. It's "Undisputed" not Undefeated. The trailer is here.

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The memo I wrote about the show is below.

Beverly Hills Cop Podcast Notes

Adam Bulger, CEO, Cinema Death Cult Industries
James Griffith, guest, consultant, spiritual advisor

Axel Foley is the worst movie cop
His super-power is deception and disregarding ethical codes of conduct. Makes other cops worse
Imagine a newspaper article about plot of this movie
The Beverly Hills police are pretty good cops but Axel corrupts them.
Eddie Murphy as first black mega-movie star
His “blackness” is front and center in the movie
For that to happen, he has to play a law and order-upholding cop.
Intentionally or not, there’s no romance for him in the film, opening up next point:

Is Axel Foley Gay?
Axel lies and manipulates everyone but Mikey lies to and manipulates him, like a gender-swapped femme fatale.
Movie is ‘80s anti-drug movie made by prolific 80s drug users
Fun party movie. Eddie Murphy’s performance is terrific.
Great action sequences (car chase in beginning) and filmmaking
Amazing ‘80s electro pop/funk soundtrack
Judge Reinhold & other guy.
The Paul Reiser fakeout (at 8:10, moments before Paul Reiser comes on for the first time, Eddie Murphy walks by an actor that looks strikingly similar to Paul Reiser. Then Paul Reiser leaps into the frame. it's like a jump cut without a cut.)
Two of the greatest police chiefs in movie history.