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It's October. Spooky season. The time for spooks, specters, ghosts and goblins. So naturally, or should I say supernaturally? No, naturally's probably right. Let me start over. Naturally, because it's October, I invited Jim Knipfel back on the pod to talk scary movies. Jim has long been a champion of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the misfit outcast entry in the Halloween film series that's about druids, killer masks and Irish robots instead of a guy named Michael who wears a white mask and carries a knife. And he's right to champion it. Halloween III is a great, fun, weird movie despite its reputation. And Phantasm is weird and odd and terrific too.

Jim blew my mind clean off a couple times with his insights and background knowledge of these two cult masterpieces, particularly with respect to Angus Scrimm's non Phantasm career.

Also, I blunder into a wild moment of amateurish ignorance by revealing I didn't know Michael Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" was the theme from The Exorcist. I only watched The Exorcist once and it was a long time ago. I forgot the soundtrack. "Tubular Bells" is a sample in a DJ Shadow song and I never connected it to The Exorcist. If I have to turn in my gun and badge as a result of this horrible blunder, I understand.

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Also, a DJ made a mix tape that synchs up with Halloween III. It's on Vimeo and it's pretty fun. Maybe you could have it on during a Halloween party. Or better yet, a Halloween after party. 

Jim's defense of Halloween III is here

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