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Bitcoin: Does price equate value?

We can't put a dollar value on math, nor can we price light, gravity, or even the internet in dollar terms. Bitcoin is a technology, a protocol to transfer value across time and space. It's true that pricing it in dollars gives it a pricing signal to measure its value at a specific time. But do we do that with math? Do we need to price gravity or time or the internet? What about gold? Gold existed long before dollars did, and indeed was the OG of price signals. So, why should we relegate Bitcoin to a pricing signal that is corrupt and unstable? The dollar is a centralized scam coin that is controlled and manipulated by a Central Bank. To price Bitcoin (or any other technology) in dollars is to anchor that technology to a lesser metric. The reliance on pricing it in dollars goes against the true value of its technology. Satoshi mentioned the word "dollar" zero times in Bitcoin's white paper, and rightly so. We don't need the dollar to understand the value of Bitcoin. It's a paradigm shift and a technological revolution.


The dollar is a scam coin with over 2.2 trillion tokens in circulation, a single Node, and no supply cap. Holding value in dollars across space and time is fiction. In this context, pricing any technology in dollars provides an inaccurate signal for the true value of that technology.

How about the technology itself? The collective efforts of companies such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM and others helped create the PC. Can these companies fail? Yes they can. Can the PC fail? No, it can't. Would the internet fail if Google disappeared? No. Would fast food fail if McDonald's disappeared? No. Satoshi's disappearance did not cause Bitcoin to fail. Because Bitcoin is a technology that doesn't rely on a company, government, developer, currency, or a single point of authority of any form or kind. That's why Bitcoin is not a security, indeed it's more than just a commodity. It's the technological bloodline of a global financial system.

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It's difficult to reconcile all of the above with the current pricing model for Bitcoin. Bitcoin's current trade value in terms of dollars does not give an accurate description of its proposition value, it only gives us its dollar value in a casino-style environment. It's a temporary curse, and also an opportunity. Temporary because sooner or later people will realize its true value. An opportunity because it allows me to offload the world's top $cam coin in exchange for a piece in a revolutionary technology. I call it a bargain at any price.

Last I checked 1 BTC = 1 BTC and its supply cap is still 21 million Bitcoins, and continues to operate on a distributed ledger in a trustless worldwide network. Its value is bound to explode by any standard because it's backed by its proposition value to billions of people. While the dollar is a decaying scam coin that is enforced by a delusional group of central bankers operating as a single issuing entity. It's backed by debt, and military power. Bitcoin is a technology that can transfer today's value into the future.