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Bitcoin Will Be the Next Great Human Advancement, Investor Says

Bitcoin allows people to do more than finance

Technological advances have always changed the way humans work. Whenever a new, major revolution occurs, there are always people who are hesitant to the change at first.

Major advancements—such as the Industrial Revolution, steam engines, steel, electricity, automobiles, and microprocessors—were always met with pushback, but have since become essential for the progression and function of humanity.

Investor and content creator Mark Moss believes people are hesitant toward Bitcoin the way people were hesitant toward electricity when it first was invented.

“When electricity came out, it's like, ‘it's kind of like a digital candle, right?’ We're trying to understand what this is,” Moss said. “Well, electricity is kind of like a digital candle, but why do I need that because candles have been light for 5,000 years and I can pick it up and I can carry it with me. It's portable. I don't need wires or this generator. That's stupid.’ Well, obviously, electricity was much more.”

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When people try to understand Bitcoin, Moss said they view it as digital cash—the same way people viewed electricity as digital candles or the internet as a way to send electronic messages. However, Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the most secure computer network in the history of the world, Moss said. It’s a decentralized network that no one can control, there are no fixed rules, no one can change anything, and no one can censor anything. Moss said having a system as Bitcoin opens up the door for so many possibilities.

“Just like steel now allowed us to build skyscrapers. What can we build on that foundation?” Moss said.

Moss is currently working with a company called Zion that has built a new app similar to Telegram. People can communicate on the app, but instead of the messages going through servers, like on Telegram or WhatsApp, they go over a peer-to-peer Bitcoin network where no one can censor anything.

“What we have is a new foundation that we can build an entire new world on of uncensorable technology,” Moss said.