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What Surprises Are Coming In The Blockchain Space?

Crypto investors share the innovations they didn’t see coming.

Blockchain tech is evolving fast, and so are its real-world implications. And even early adopters continue to be surprised by how blockchain is transforming the world around them. Investors Scott Walker and David Namder talked to Roundtable about what they didn’t see coming–and what innovations they anticipate.

Walker is particularly excited about the future applications of decentralized finance. “When I first learned about Bitcoin, all I could think of was, wow, what an amazingly cool way to send value from point A to point B,” Walker said. But he didn’t yet grasp the technology’s potentially revolutionary implications. “The first time that I actually looked at an automated market maker and how that affects the DeFi markets, it absolutely blew my mind. And it made me realize this is the way that banking will be done in the future.”

Namdar hadn’t anticipated how the blockchain boom in Puerto Rico would transform his personal and professional life. A lifelong New Yorker, Namdar had begun his career in Hong Kong, but once he returned home he’d expected to stay in NYC indefinitely. That all changed when he started to get to know the crypto community on the island. “It gets me excited, looking ahead to next year and the years ahead, all the things that we're actually going to build in the space, starting here in Puerto Rico,” Namdar said.

“Bitcoins are at the core,” Walker said, “but there's amazing stuff that we haven't even thought of yet.”

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