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How NFTs are Transforming Art in Wartime

While under siege, Ukrainian artists are producing NFTs in real time, and their proceeds are going directly to victims.

This week, Lighthouse NFT Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, hosted a fundraiser displaying exclusive NFTs by Ukrainian artists in order to raise money for the ongoing crisis. Crystal Rose Pierce, artist and founder of Lighthouse, gave Roundtable a look at the exhibition.

Pierce curated the set of works in conjunction with a Kiev gallery owner who sought to collect artworks to inspire and connect with viewers outside of Ukraine. The exhibition included images created by children sheltering underground and works that have since been destroyed in the bombing attacks.

The works went on auction with 100% of proceeds going to Ukrainian families, a form of direct support made possible by the use cryptocurrency.

"Even if you stop a person's bank account, you're not stopping their crypto," Pierce explained. "In order for us to get funds to the families in need, and those who are struggling the most, we can take a crypto donation. All of these works are on auction today, and we can send it straight to the families."

The dynamic nature of NFTs allow them to be a link between collectors and artists, connecting buyers to history as it happens.

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"The ownership of an NFT is about being part of that community," Pierce said. "It's about being part of the story. And you forever are encoded into that piece of art as part of the story."

Roundtable Guests:

Crystal Rose Pierce, artist and founder, Lighthouse NFT Gallery

Watch the full interview below: