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Inside the Minds of Ukrainian Artists Under Siege

In Ukraine, children and professional artists alike are creating NFTs to raise support  for their country's struggle amidst the Russian invasion.

This week, Lighthouse NFT Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, hosted a fundraiser displaying exclusive NFTs by Ukrainian artists in order to raise money for the ongoing crisis. Crystal Rose Pierce, artist and founder of Lighthouse, gave Roundtable a look at the exhibition.

Pierce shows Roundtable around the artworks up for auction, emphasizing how NFTs can allow people far from Ukraine to support those caught in struggle. From a drawing of a 13-year-old girl commemorating her grandmother lost in the war, to Crypto Punk-inspired figures, the artwork gives a window into the minds of Ukrainian artists under siege.

The nature of NFTs allowed the show to have global reach far beyond that of a conventional art auction.

"The great part about NFTs is that you can scan a QR code and you can make a bid and anyone can do it from anywhere in the world," Pierce explained. "The physical location is great, but it is constraining when you have only a certain number of people that can come through the door. But with NFTs, we can do a simultaneous global auction."

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That global reach allows not just for international solidarity, but also for art to travel further than ever before.

"This is just showing the power of movement, of how the digital age has gotten us to the point where millions of people can see something," Pierce said. "It's kind of like the butterfly effect. This artist may create a lot more impact than they realize."

Roundtable Guests:

Crystal Rose Pierce, artist and founder, Lighthouse NFT Gallery