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Budweiser Announces New 'Budverse' NFTs

The NFTs are entirely sold out and went for between $499 and $999.

Budweiser has announced the launch of a new NFT series that will grant owners access to what the company is calling the "Budverse." The NFT collection has been dubbed the "Budverse Cans Heritage Edition" series and will depict different Budweiser cans featuring designs and ads from 1936 till now. 

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Budweiser's official announcement page says that the collection will be comprised of 1,936 different cans and that each NFT grants entry into the Budverse.

"Composed of 1,936 unique digital cans, representing 1936, the year of the first Budweiser can, each NFT is one of a kind and generated using archived photos, ads and designs from throughout Budweiser’s storied history. Each NFT will act as an entry key to the Budverse, unlocking exclusive benefits, rewards and surprises for all 21+ (or legal drinking age) NFT holders."

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36 of the NFTs will feature gold cans and will grant access to "hyper-exclusive, gold-only levels of access." Budweiser says that the gold NFTs will serve as VIP tickets to "the best experiences in Budverse and beyond."

The 36 gold tier cans were initially listed at $999.00 and the remaining 1,900 "Core NFTs" that serve as more basic keys into the Budverse were listed at $499. All 1,936 of the NFTs are sold out though many are already on secondary markets like Opensea for even more money. 

It is still unclear exactly what Budweiser plans to do with the "Budverse" and what benefits NFT holders will gain access to. This is now the second time the company has dabbled with the crypto and NFT space. 

The initial announcement that Budweiser would step into the NFT industry came in mid-July when it was revealed that ABInBev partnered with Gary Vaynerchuk's NFT platform, VaynerNFT, for a push into the space. The company then purchased a Budweiser-themed NFT rocket of known NFT creator, Tom Sachs, as its first experiments with the tech.