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CeFi Meets DeFi: A Socratic Approach

What can we say today about how crypto/blockchain will replace traditional financial sectors?

As the dream of trading and living in a crypto world bangs up against the realities of a world still dominated by centralized finance, to quote Socrates, the only thing we know is that we don’t know. What can we say about the future of DeFi in a CeFi world? Rob Nelson of Roundtable Crypto sat down to hash out the future of Crypto-based finance with Walton Comer, CEO of the XBTO Groups; David Namdar, a general partner at Coral Capital, and co-founder of; Jon Najarian, co-founder of Market Rebellion and a CNBC contributor; and Julia Whippo, entrepreneur and builder.

David Namdar: “Everyone, for whatever reason, likes to think they can go and say, oh, Bitcoin and crypto needs to do this. It has to be this. it's gonna replace this blah, blah, blah. And the point is that's one very subjective opinion: It doesn't have to be anything. It's a technology, it's an experiment. It's an incredible piece of financial innovation. It's something that has already helped a lot of people amass fortunes.”

Walton Comer: “What's going on there is that in some sense, innovation's not really happening in the West when it comes to payments and transactions, it's happening in places where there is a need, and we don't know where any of this is going. What's gonna come out of that is some new and novel ideas that we can't anticipate, we can't predict.”

Watch the full discussion here:

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