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The Roundtable: The Art of Building Web3

Content creators understand the potential, but the shift towards a decentralized Internet is very much a work-in-progress.

When Web2 upended the first iteration of the Internet, everything changed, from how we shop, to how we communicate, to how we learn. To discuss the past, present, and future of the Internet, Roundtable's Rob Nelson convened a panel of experts including Jordan Fried, Founder of, Taylor Ferber, host of "Cancel Me, Baby!" podcast, and Tommy Petrov, CMO of In this segment, the panel discusses how content creators can transition to Web3 technology.

Taylor Ferber observes that, despite the dazzling promises of Web3, content creators like her still don't have an easy way to shift their business models.

"This entire new wave is really exciting because of the idea of putting the power in our hands and not depending on people who control us, whether it be logistically or financially," she says. "I think the big question for people like me is what exactly can I do today?"

Jordan Fried enumerates the many possibilities for Web3 content creators.

"Creators like Taylor should have a more viable option of allowing people with wallets to access gated content, either an audio podcast or a video format or written content on a blog that requires a familiar wallet that has her NFT in it," he says. 

"She can make money by selling those NFTs. She could make money by a royalty on the secondary market around the Taylor Ferber NFT. She can make money by introducing a new currency that allows you to tip her or buy her merch, and then she can allow her community to access certain content."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Jordan Fried, Founder,

Taylor Ferber, Host, Cancel Me, Baby! Podcast

Tommy Petrov, CMO,