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Miss World Meets the World of Crypto

Miss World contestants converge on the crypto scene during their pageant week

As crypto conventions and Miss World converge at the same time, many contestants are educating themselves and their home countries about the future and possibilities with NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle, who is from Puerto Rico, said the advancement of technology has allowed hundreds of Miss World contestants currently in Puerto Rico to showcase the island to the world.

Del Valle said most people only know or hear about Puerto Rico when the island experiences hardships—such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and diseases. However, Del Valle said, Puerto Rico is so much more than that.

“It's not just the beaches … we have our culture, our gastronomy, our people. Our Puerto Rican people are so special,” Del Valle said. “Everyone's so lovely and so sweet. It's just amazing. I'm overwhelmed at everything.”

Del Valle said Puerto Rico becoming a crypto hotspot has allowed the island to grow and become stronger and better than before.

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“There's so much that Puerto Rico has to offer. Finally, it's being brought to light and people are noticing that,” Del Valle said. “I was talking the other day with a couple of people and they told me Puerto Rico is literally becoming the crypto capital of the world because there's so much that you can do here.”

Other Miss World contestants who are in Puerto Rico for the competition are also learning about the world of crypto and NFTs.

Miss Poland Karolina Bielawska said it’s a unique opportunity that she has never seen before in Poland.

“The opportunity to speak to the artists—they're very passionate about what they're doing. They said that even one piece of art is around three weeks to create such a thing and it lasts forever and it's something very special,” Bielawska said. “I'm very happy to see this digital world in art.”

Miss Bahamas Sienna Evans said there is so much opportunity using crypto and blockchain. “People don't realize it now, but NFTs are gonna be the way that we store deeds, contracts—everything in the future. I think art is the perfect way to introduce it to the world,” Evans said. “I'm very happy to be here and it is an amazing experience.”