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Tech Innovations Converge at NFT LA

The co-founder of the conference discusses the possibilities for the future of NFTs.

For all the buzz around NFTs, much of the general public still doesn’t quite understand what they are or how they work. But they’re poised to become key aspects of a wide range of industries, from entertainment to law. In the lead-up to the NFT LA conference, a panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss innovations in the space and what they’re looking forward to.

In this segment, the panel discusses future possibilities of experimentation with NFTs.

Joshua Kriger, co-founder of the NFT LA conference, notes that the current moment of technical innovation is ripe for creative experimentation.

“We have this really unique convergence going on right now in real time,” he said. “You have high-speed bandwidth becoming more accessible, advancements in AI and AR and machine learning, social media advancements, not to mention the rapid speed of core blockchain development from wallets to DeFi to minting platforms that are eco-conscious, to the advancements of the core Ethereum technology stack and Bitcoin. The ability to do all this stuff creates unprecedented opportunities for creative ideas.”

As for future use cases, Joel Comm gives the example of NFTs being used as “universal tickets” to build performers’ fan bases.

“Back in the day, we'd have a ticket and they'd tear it and you'd keep the stub. In the digital age, you scan your code, and you're done,” Comm says. “What if the ticket for a concert then became the loyalty program for that particular band? Now they know exactly who their fans are. They have better deliverability than you're ever going to get via email.”

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Joel Comm, Co-host, The Bad Crypto Podcast

Major Dream Williams, Co-Founder, Lux.DAO

Joshua Kriger, Co-Producer, NFT LA March 28-30, 2022; Co-Founder & Co-Host, Edge of NFT Podcast

Jillian Godsil, Founder & Editor-In-Chief, BlockLeaders (Becoming Jill, the art project noted)