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NFT Newcomers are Right on Time

It's a perfect moment to get involved in the NFT space, for consumers and industries alike.

For all the buzz around NFTs, much of the general public still doesn’t quite understand what they are or how they work. But they’re poised to become key aspects of a wide range of industries, from entertainment to law. In the lead-up to the NFT LA conference, a panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss innovations in the space and what they’re looking forward to.

In this segment, Joshua Kriger and Joel Comm discuss the NFT LA conference and their own experimentation in the NFT world.

Joshua Kriger notes that the conference comes a key moment to connect industry with NFT innovators.

“It’s such an exciting time for the space and that's why we're doing the conference because at this point, people have woken up, and they get it,” he said. “This is an opportunity to take on greater connectivity to the loyal fans of the past, and to create new connections for brands that exist and brands that are being created in real time. It's an opportunity for the sports and entertainment sectors and movie studios to get in the mix.”

Joel Comm encourages newcomers to the NFT world not to be intimidated about getting involved.

“There are people who feel like they’re too late. No, they’re still the people who got in the begin the very beginning,” he said. “If you minted a crypto punk, you're a true OG. If you got in from 2018 to present, you're a second-level OG. People who are getting in right now, in the future, will be looked back on and thought of as a third-level OG.”

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Roundtable Guests:

oel Comm, Co-host, The Bad Crypto Podcast

Major Dream Williams, Co-Founder, Lux.DAO

Joshua Kriger, Co-Producer, NFT LA March 28-30, 2022; Co-Founder & Co-Host, Edge of NFT Podcast

Jillian Godsil, Founder & Editor-In-Chief, BlockLeaders

Watch the full discussion below: