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Beyond Bored Apes: Can NFTs Help Save Endangered Species?

The real-world application of NFTs extends far beyond their meme-art origins.

Meme-based art was their first widely embraced use-case, but NFTs have broader social implications, say co-founder of Cancer NFT Major Dream Williams and author and journalist Jillian Godsil. 

As an example, Godsil points to the recently concluded COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, where the United Nations asked young people to use NFTs and create pieces of art.

“It's bringing technology, youth, and real-world issues together in a meaningful package. So these are all things—whether they're attention seeking, they're making people think,” Godsil says.

Williams, who lives in Dubai and is part of an NFT-based animal-awareness program, says NFTs can be used to help stop human trafficking and the poaching of endangered species. 

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“We can track how many animals are in the world, where they need help,” Williams says. “There are so many ways [NFTs can move the world] that have nothing to do with art.”

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