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The Roundtable: Beyond Digital Feudalism

Web3 promises to give content creators the chance to build on their own land.

When Web2 upended the first iteration of the Internet, everything changed, from how we shop, to how we communicate, to how we learn. To discuss the past, present, and future of the Internet, Roundtable's Rob Nelson convened a panel of experts including Jordan Fried, Founder of, Taylor Ferber, host of "Cancel Me, Baby!" podcast, and Tommy Petrov, CMO of In this segment, the panel discusses content creation on Web2 versus Web3.

The Web2 panorama has allowed countless creatives to reach broad audiences, but Jordan Fried argues that the model serves primarily to enrich social media platforms themselves. 

"Content creators have built mansions on someone else's property. You've got 25 million followers, but you've just built your mansion on Mark Zuckerberg's land. You don't own it. You can't direct it. It's a feudal system. We are all working someone else's land," he says. "Our feudal lords are these tech billionaires."

In contrast, Fried argues, Web3 allows creators to directly monetize their work without big tech companies capitalizing on the value they create.

"What we've seen with NFTs is you only really need a community of 500 to a thousand people to create an amazing ecosystem."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Jordan Fried, Founder,

Taylor Ferber, Host, Cancel Me, Baby! Podcast

Tommy Petrov, CMO,