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Why Web3 Innovators Need to Think About Women

Women and minorities make up a significant share of tech consumers and users.

There’s a lot of talk about how Web3 has the potential to overcome existing social barriers related to gender, race and nationality—but what does that look like in practice? Alyze Sam, Lucia Gallardo, Carolin Wend and Olayinka Odeniran all bring experience as female founders in the blockchain space. They joined Roundtable to discuss gender, identity and the future of Web3.

In this segment, the panel discusses why it’s so important for enterprises in the blockchain space to take into account women and minorities.

As Lucia Gallardo, founder and CEO of Emerge, points out, women hold significant power in financial decisionmaking, both as individuals and as heads of families.

“Women are the largest population segment in the world, and we are therefore the recipients of what is going to be the largest wealth transfer in history. So we do have ample opportunity to control a lot of the resources, um, and fi and financial decisions that are being made around the world today,” she said. “If you are a product in the crypto space, and you're not actively thinking about women, whether it's from the perspective of our women included in my team building, or how women decide how to use, spend accumulate and acquire money, that's a very big missed opportunity.”

Olayinka Odeniran, co-founder and COO of Mintbase, notes that the black community and the African diaspora also makes up a significant share of the consumer market.

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“The largest spending power is within the black community. We have the tendency of purchasing and buying into tech or whatever products that's out there, but also we're the biggest supporters of those technologies in those products as well. If you can tap into the black community, you'll definitely have a really good solid foundation of how your project is going to scale in the future,” she said.

Odeniran also noted that the African continent makes up a growing sector of consumers. “Africa has the youngest demographic of people in the whole world,” she said. “So now you're thinking about tapping into a whole new group people that are going to outlive the majority of us, and a continent that's full of ideas and innovation.”

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests

Alyze Sam, author, Stablecoin Evolution; founder, &

Lucia Gallardo, Founder & CEO, Emerge

Carolin Wend, Co-Founder and COO, Mintbase

Olayinka Odeniran, Founder & Chairwoman, BWBC (Black Women Blockchain Council)