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The Roundtable: It's Time for Regulatory Clarity

The founder of a platform bridging crypto with traditional finance argues that regulatory uncertainty is stifling adoption.

Russell Starr is the founder of Valour, a company that allows individuals and institutions to invest in digital assets via the stock exchange. At BattleFin in Miami, he joined BattleFin co-founder Marc Lopresti and Roundtable's Rob Nelson to discuss traditional and Web3 investing and regulation.

Because of the current regulatory framework, Starr explains, Valour is not yet listed on exchanges in the U.S.

“Every time I go to a conference like this, someone comes to me and they're like, 'Are you kidding me? I can actually buy Bitcoin on a traditional listed exchange?' The next question is, 'Why isn't it listed in the U.S.?'” he says. “I don't think the regulators are acting in the best interest of either institutions or retail by taking this stagnant approach to the sector. The U.S. should be leading innovation, not restricting it.”

LoPresti agrees that regulators in the U.S. need to start taking more aggressive steps.

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“We need regulatory certainty to increase the rate of institutional and widespread adoption of crypto for us to get to scale,” he says. 

“Everybody says that Bitcoin has not held the promise of being a safety asset, an inflation hedge. But how could it when the adoption rate is the number of people that had an internet connection in 1992? You've got a lot of headwinds from a regulatory perspective.”

Roundtable Guests:

Russell Starr, CEO, Valour

Marc Lopresti, Co-Founder, BattleFin