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Uncertainty of financial markets is around the corner

Uncertainty in financial markets is around the corner

Over the next few months, we'll see a convulsive state in most tradable assets.


Germany is doomed

and I'll tell you why


The Great Reset Isn’t What You Think

Bitcoin may prove to be The Great Reset, though certainly not the originally intended one.


The Geopolitical Game Theory of Bitcoin

Ultimately, countries won’t ban Bitcoin- they will subsidize it.


When Hierarchies Collapse

Will we revert to our old ways?


The inevitable global change

The US is destined for dominance, but a different kind of dominance than we have imagined.

dollar inflation

Can we avoid hyperinflation?

As hyperinflation approaches, it will likely be preceded by extreme volatility in the dollar’s purchasing power.

About gold and silver

About gold, silver and bankruptcy

And a system that can’t handle a run on physical deliveries.


Will We Need To Have Money In The Future?

Yes, but it will be different than what we’ve been used to.

jeremy-bezanger-zthQrQ9JbBk-unsplash (1)

Bitcoin’s Perfect Scarcity

And what that means for its value.