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What if the swamis, mystics, yogis, gurus, sages, teachers, pastors, priests, shamans, witches, sorcerers, seiðrs, etc were right, and we are more than our physical bodies? What if we are part of an infinite, eternal energy source which has been called by many names? What if what we call reality is a universal consciousness outside of space and time expressing itself within the dimensional space we find ourselves in using a construct we call time to make sense of it all?

What if matter can truly be altered across space and time through our emotional intention and focus?

If this power did exist, what would our experience of life be like if everyone could learn to access it and create new cycles of energy which directly impacts their bodies and minds on a cellular level and below?

I think we're approaching an age of transparency. The age of secret, esoteric gnosis which could only be trusted to a select few within a hierarchy is giving way to a decentralized, networked structure of shared power and responsibility. Technology, a natural expression of our human nature, has played a role in changing our relationship to empathy and knowledge (the novel connecting us to "the others" and cooking predigesting our food for more calories to support more neurons). This expression is now showing up in immutable, transparent methods of accounting we call "distributed ledger technology" or simply "blockchains" to create global, non-violent consensus. There are many different blockchains with different characteristics and focus, but they all share the same property of empowering the individual to have more freedom and control over their own existence. Most are radically transparent, while some also respect the need for encrypted privacy.

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Blockchains will change what we call reality.

From a certain perspective, they already have. The future I envision, again, from a certain perspective, has already happened outside of space and time as a potential within an infinite number of potentials. It has no governments which hold their monopolies on currency, justice, law, or "defense" using threats of violence. It has abundance for everyone who seeks it. It has freedom, prosperity, joy, and most of all, love.

What some call "heaven" might be a potential we can experience right here, right now. The internal space of mind creates realities which impact the body which then create actions and reactions in the physical world. We are powerful.

Or maybe everything I said above is a bunch of bullsh*t, and we're just a social species which evolved to create stories of meaning to make sense of our conscious existence.

What do you think?

(If you're curious, I'm currently listening to this book.)