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I have this necklace my friend John Mark gave me while in Reno around my first Burning Man experience. He didn’t tell me much about it, just that I might be interested in looking into it.

And look into it I did.

I found a YouTube which described each shape and how it represents a different Shakti:

“Shakti: ‘Energy, ability, strength, effort, power, capability’ is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.”

I meant (and mean) no disrespect to Hinduism, but really wanted to explore this symbol which is said to be many thousands of years old. I built a little tool for me to learn the meanings of the different lotus petals and triangles and to sit in meditation while focusing on it. You can see that tool here:

I was reminded of this exploration today after reading this article which I saw in a comment:

This article appears to be published around the same time was exploring the Sri Yantra.

I’ve since spent some time playing around with a compass and other “sacred geometry” 2D and 3D shapes and figures.

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You can see some of that here:

Which links to other posts where I explore these topics further including this one where I drew a Sri Yantra myself:

As the Iowa Source post above states, you can’t actually draw a perfect Sri Yantra as its kind of like Pi and somewhat irrational.

What was the result of my study into this symbol and my time focusing on it off and on over the last two years? I can’t really know becuase I can’t live the last two years over again in a scenario where I didn’t give it any attention. There are YouTube videos that promise wealth and success if you meditate on this symbol, but the source of change over time is most often a non-falsifiable claim. Am I more wealthy? For sure. Is it becuase of this? No way to know.

I once asked Vinay Gupta who has a deep well of knowledge on many different related topics, and he said something along the lines of his guru told him this symbol was too powerful to mess around with. I guess that means I should put a disclaimer here: follow your divine intuition carefully and stay humble. It’s possible there is much more here than can be understand, and I’m being unwise to play in these explorations as I do.

Or it’s just some pretty art.

Symbols, I think, become powerful because of the energy we give them. Paper money could be scraps of smelly paper for the trash or a tool to buy life-giving food based on how we perceive it.

So back to my question, what do you think of the Sri Yantra?

The links I’ve shared can provide some information if you want to explore further.