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If you truly understand the power and depth of that question, it can almost be overwhelming.

I get why some prefer sitting in a cave and meditating on the universe within and blissing out on the feelings of ONEness with the infinite. Actually building or doing something is much more difficult when you have a perspective that what you are doing is not really "real" in the sense that it may not ultimately "matter" because... well... "matter" itself may ultimately be an illusion made of mostly empty space. :)

I had an uncharacteristically long workday yesterday. It started around 9am and finished well after 1am. That's not at all normal for me because I've created a life of success as I define it and sitting at a desk instead of joining the kids at the pool, as a lifestyle, isn't successful to me. Part of the reason yesterday was long was due to the holiday on Monday and meeting stacking up, but also due to it being the first of the month and the team needing to get paid. I'm hopping on a plane in a bit to head out to Miami for the bitcoin2021 conference and though I'm excited to see my friends and build new relationships, I didn't initially intend to go. I live in paradise, I enjoy time with my family, I didn't need to jump into a fast-passed environment of "deal flow" and sales and such. A conference, in many ways, is a hyper acceleration and magnification of the "I" and the labels attached to it. A part of me groans a bit at the thought of constantly introducing my "I" and all its labels and interacting with so many others doing the same. In some ways, it feels like a celebration of the matrix "ignorance is bliss" illusion. Let's all pretend this stuff really matters and is important. See, look how important it all is. Heheh.

My intention, my "what do I want?" answer, is to go into the conference, surrounded by so much opportunity and special party invites and such and just be me. Just do me. Any insecurities or feelings of striving or needing to prove myself in anyway, all of that can just float away. I'm a guest to the experience. My driving "why" and "what" which keeps me working long hours at my desk is to create a world we all want to live in. To be the person I am meant to be, something reliable and trusted by others.

Seems to me, humans owning their own value through cryptocurrency is a pathway to separate money from the state and reorganize incentive models towards shared abundance instead of threats of violence demanding compliance. The blockchain is a tool for immutable consensus truth, a doorway to freedom, and I work hard to make it easier to use for everyone.

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That's what I want. Freedom for all.

And the responsibility and awareness with wanting anything and projecting that into the universe is that you take on some responsibility as a "dream operator" for the outcome. Not everyone wants to be free. Not everyone will use freedom to benefit themselves or those around them. Some will suffer under freedom. The easier path is to want nothing.

But that's boring.

Instead, I'm leaning into my own power and energy to safely "want" without falling into the trap of attaching to the outcome. That's the sweet spot. Yesterday was a little tricky, keeping those balances aligned. It was tiring. That's okay. Most things worth doing take significant effort to do right.

Wishing you a blissful day of meaningful impact where your wants align with well being and benefit of all.


P.S. Who's going to bitcoin2021 or shitcoin2021 in Miami this week?