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What the F)*% is an NFT?  NFT stands for " Non Fungible Token". In a nutshell NFTs are your digital content and it could literally anything (art, real estate, fashion, IP, sports clips, voting rights, tickets and I could go on and on) they are linked to the blockchain netwoek web 3.0 and verified to byuyers as originals couture 1-of-1's a declaration to the world that you own this item and that it isnt a fake either.  For a gaming refence in short you can look at NFTS the same way you do as "video game skins" except they are traded ourside of the video games and are your aretwork.  The $2 trillion dollar cryptocurrency industry behind Bitcoin DifeCoin, Sheila, and thousands of other projects has expodes and created a demand for the technology ythat uses the same verification tools to verity crypto, as it doies to verisy your artworks, the result, over $2.5 billion in NFTs are sold a week!

Where are NFT's Sold and promoted?  Well as you would think its about getting eyes on you and your product so where is the best place to do that? The social media pages of twitter, reddit, tiktok, instagram are where the community and ecosystme lives, not to mention the Twitch, and other gaming platforms that keep the attention of the community.

NFTs aren't a Scam or a joke or going away

Since the demise of social media platforms like myspace, vine and with the public realizing that platfoms like instagram and meta are just harvesting our informationa dn playing games with us and the alogorithms, it is sending creators to find other ways to get the bag and NFTs allowed for creator economy to get quite a big boost in the recent year adn I'm going to share with you a could of cool story that show how you can get a bag but it may also have you rethink career path and the use of school as we once knew it.

NFT platforms are NOT social media platforms as of now but that too will soon change as your NFTs are contributing to your social status so its only right that social media and NFTs merge for a who new life.  There is a platform called that is ahead of the game with where NFTs could go and what they could represent.  

But these young NFT moguls came with the heat and maximized the opportunity as this market is going to the moon!

NFT Mogul #1 Nyla Hayes’s art collection of NFTs was sold in hours. And an artist who is 12-years old has made millions of dollars on it. The digital artist’s Instagram account numbers 4,683 followers and is managed by her mom. On social media, you can find her art collection.

Nyla has been drawing since four years old. As a kid, she was fond of a TV show about dinosaurs. Namely the long-necked Brontosaurus inspired her to create the collection. When she turned nine years old, Nyla began drawing sketches of women with long necks. For Nyla, their personalities symbolized strong and powerful women. 

To diversify her works, Nyla decided to take to NFT and started drawing on her mobile phone. Then, she went to an iPad in order to draw on a bigger canvas. The images saved in the JPEG format were then uploaded to OpenSea, which is known as an NFT Marketplace.


Her very first collection featured 75 works of art. The second one that was presented a few months later already consisted of 3,333 portraits of women with various backgrounds. And it was sold out in a few hours. Her artwork has brought her 5.8 million dollars and was even honored by Time magazine.

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NFT Mogul #2 Singapor-based Yuquing Irene Zhao, 28, created the IreneDAO collection based on a sticker pack she made for her telegram community, reported Cointelegraph.


The collection was launched on Jan 14, and features 1106 NFT images of the crypto influencer in different poses with crypto sland such as "gm," "wen Binance," and "yes ser." The collection slogan is "SIMP: Simplicity, Integrity, Meaning and Purpose."  Okay to me that seems like a whole polar opposite to what the urban dictionary uses the word SIMP, so now I can see why this NFT mogul is make her waves in the market, by using the words of the ecosystem and supporting her community with adulation. 


The current trade of the floor price is currently 1.47 eth which equals (approximately $4,668)

I was going to write about another young NFT mogul named Fewoscious and their story is a good one of pain struggle and finding ones self and expressing it in the art.  So as a 13 year old Fewoscious learned that they were non-binary and upon figuring this out and expressing to their parents, all hell broke loose and the mental tourture began.  the only outlet was the art and so Fewoscious documented each yer of their life until 18 and crearted this unstoppable force of work that chronicled the journey of adolescence in this world and made both physical and digital art along with an NFT trunk to pack all the belongings.  Now this was also the first time the world found out about the story and was so moved that Fewoscious made over $1 million dollars at the Sotheby's auction plus all the subsequent sales.  Now as a real influencer in the space Fewoscious in now a famous NFT and IRL artist and the world is wide open.

NFT Mogul #3 Ghozali Ghozalu converted and sold 1,000 selfies as NFT's on an NFT marketplace, making himself a millionaire in the process. As he definitely was shocked by the success, never thinking that anyone would want to buy his selfie for $3, but it wasnt just any ordinary selfie.  Ghozul had been taking a selfie everyday for the last 5 years in front of his computer looking allof and disinterested sort of like BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht CLub).  He planned to use the album of nerly 1000 selfies as a tamelapse video commemorating his upcoming graduation, but changed his plans ones he realized that he could get that bag with that dope metaverse flex.

Now it wasnt right away like some of these phenoms. It wasnt until an Indonesean Celebrity chef stumbled upon the photo weeks later and promoted it. 


This was the first sale and then demand exploded like a big fat juicy zit!  Even tho thta isnt much to it in terms of artistic merit, the floor price currenlty sits at .42 eth, and Ghozali Everyday - which is the name of his new NFT enterprise has seen 355eth and thats over $1 million of volume traded to date)


Now don't think that all of this is duplicatable because im writing this story about these young folks, well they had something special that was embodied in the NFTs it wasn't a cut or copy and paste this was a collection of time and moments and communities that to be curated, actual talent had to be there and in some cases pain had to be endured and lived.  Each of these NFT moguls no matter how young or old gave real pieces of themselves to the NFT art and this value is ultimately priceless at the end of the day.