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Direct benefit to you. Forever.

Unlike traditional NFTs, which generally confer virtual benefits in video games, or nothing at all, our NFT has real world utility.

Unlike other cancer non-profits with a good cause, Cancer NFT owners receive direct benefits of a concierge-level service from our team to help navigate through high quality clinical trials. These clinical trials will be matched to your cancer and are free of cost.

The First Cancer NFT

The First Cancer NFT

So NFT use cases can vary from creator to creator but in this case this is being used to support a good cause and keep the research going a treating people who need the attention and the ongoing care.  The team involved has been for over 7 years taking patients to clinical trials all over the northeast and other parts of the united states.  The FDA regulation has stiff rules when it comes to selling, marketing or promising the effects of a drug or treatment that hasn't been approved yet, so in order to provide value for all involved we decided to NFT the project and use the NFT as an access token to a top tier Cancer Concierge Service that will guide you and take you to the top clinical trials in the states.  

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The beauty about the project is that you also receive the benefits of an NFT, its transferable,  verifiable and represents ownership as well as a storer of data of its owner.  The use of Biotech companies using NFTs to give access to cutting edge pharmaceuticals is a really novel way to have the industry and possible finesse the FDA with treatments that could do more good than harm to society and I see how NFTs can offer the world of Health Care a new ally when if comes to saving and prolonging lives.