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NFTs have taken the world by storm in 2021. From Metaverse to gaming, to art, collectibles, and PFPs, we’re seeing NFTs adopted across the board. Enterprise NFTs have been rapidly on the rise, while consumer NFTs have been steadily proliferating the NFT market.

In 2022, one thing is certain, NFTs are here to stay and the possibilities are endless. Here are some of my insights on the latest and upcoming NFT trends in 2022:

NFT use in the Metaverse 

For someone like me who has always figured this was on the horizon from the days of the Matrix, here we are now and since the announcement of Facebook’s rebrand to Meta in 2021, anything Metaverse-related has been all the hype. With a long list of use cases ranging from gaming to P2E, digital property, and land NFTs. We’re predicting that popularity and use cases will only continue to grow and increase to encompass larger utilization within the metaverse, with utility crossing over to bridge real-world applications. This will bring massive benefits for NFT creators and collectors dabbling in Metaverse. Some predictions in 2022 include the emergence of NFT social platforms and ticketing for real-world and digital events using NFTs.


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SMART NFTs are a fairly new development in the NFT space, but many are already calling it the new wave in NFTs. While we haven’t seen much in terms of adoption, SMART NFTs layer on to existing NFT use cases by incorporating additional functionality. SMART NFTs allow timed-based access, asset netting, and numerous layers added to NFTs, potentially bringing value to the diversification of content and art forms. SMART NFT technology also brings digital efficiency to the commercial market, allowing for exclusive releases in industries like fashion, music, art, video games, and so on.

Fractionalized NFTs

In 2022 where the value of NFTs continues to rise, digital assets are becoming increasingly expensive for any one investor to town. Fractionalizing an asset allows ownership across several investors. The asset is collectively owned by all the fractions owners. This allows for the democratization of ownership in the digital world in the future. Think of what Fractionalization could do for memorabilia for athletes, collectors & entertainers all have great a unique opportunity through Fractionalization.

Now NFTs are still so new that there will be sure to have plenty of other uses for them in industries such as Agriculture, Biotech and Dining so look out for them because NFTs are here to stay.