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The Interview: Seeding Web3 in a Downturn

Get ready to see a host of new blockchain-based projects in gaming and entertainment.

As the cryptocurrency space has evolved, so has the process of Bitcoin mining. Jamie Leverton is the CEO of HUT8, one of the largest existing Bitcoin mining operations. She joined Roundtable at the BattleFin conference to talk about her company and Web3. In this segment, she talks about how the Web3 projects are faring in the context of the current downturn. 

Leverton notes that her company is well-positioned to promote initiatives in the Web3 space. She anticipates that the next Web3 innovations will occur in gaming and entertainment.

"There's already a lot of really good investment development and scaled projects built out that are performing well," she says. "It really connects with gamers because they're a digital, native demographic. They want to interact in games in a new and unique way, and they're comfortable with crypto. They're already comfortable with NFTs."

Amidst the crypto uncertainty of recent months, Leverton doesn't see We3 innovation slowing down.

"There's no signs of reduced momentum or energy or investment coming into any of that web three ecosystem,"she says. 

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"They're all full steam ahead regardless of the broader macro situation. That ecosystem's going to come out of this downturn."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Jamie Leverton, CEO, HUT8