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The CEO of AMC Theatres announced the official launch of crypto payments online. The company now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. 

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Aron did not specify how customers would be able to pay using cryptocurrency but, when going through the steps to purchase a ticket online, the option to use PayPal says "supports cryptocurrencies" underneath it.

AMC initially announced over the summer that it would look to allow crypto payments by the end of the year. The company seems to have sped up the process and made crypto payments accessible with the help of PayPal in just a few short months since the initial announcement. 

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Aron said that the company would begin accepting other payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. He also added that cryptocurrency payments already account for 14% of the company's total online transactions and that the next payment option to be added will be Dogecoin.

AMC has made a commitment to cryptocurrency as part of its new identity in the meme stock world. Aron showcased this new identity when he polled his Twitter followers on whether or not AMC should begin accepting Shiba Inu Coin in addition to the other cryptocurrencies. 

The result of the poll was overwhelmingly in favor of adding SHIB to the list of cryptos accepted at AMC, with over 81% of participants choosing the "Yes Shiba Inu for Sure" option. 

It is still unclear whether or not AMC intends to hold these cryptos on its balance sheet or if it will convert them to dollars.