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‘Build longer tables, not higher walls’: Puerto Rico as a Crypto Hot Spot

Puerto Rico welcomes crypto, blockchain enthusiasts

Puerto Rico may be small compared to other places in the world, but it’s a force to be reckoned with in the crypto and blockchain space.

Pedro Rivera of Crypto Mondays San Juan said Puerto Rico has everything they need, they just need to be more vocal about the crypto community and opportunities that exist on the island.

“We have a very simple model. It's build longer tables, not higher walls. All are welcome as long as you have good vibes, you provide value, and you maintain on the right course to try to focus on what we could do to be better,” Rivera said.

Rivera said the world is currently experiencing the largest wealth creation in history, where crypto and blockchain have the ability to create new economies, industries, and money.

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“Ultimately, that all adds to the creator economy that we're moving forward in that we've discussed about where the actual people who are the creators are the ones who actually capitalize the most as opposed to the people that are best in business, best in law, and best in contracts,” Rivera said.

Rivera said he thinks Puerto Rico could become the next Silicon Valley but in a different way. Silicon Valley grew during a time when most people didn’t have access to the internet. Now, most people have access to the internet and can gain information from all over the world.

“What I see for us is essentially becoming that epicenter of the crypto world. And, essentially, because crypto is actually money and finance and how it basically branches into every single industry—as all industries will move into digital assets—with that, you'll see that we'll play an increasingly more and more important role in the world,” Rivera said.