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Codex Can Help the Unbanked of the World

Codex is pushing the world of DeFi forward

Chief Evangelist of Codex Alex Gordon-Brander helped create CODEX, a layer one Ethereum-proof, as fast as avalanche, built around a fourth-generation deck. Codex averages a million lines of code that pump liquidity from 200 banks, brokerages, and affects and 26 cryptos to exchanges into the decks assigned transactions on a one-second basis.

Gordon-Brander said the way to think about Codex is as a layer-one chain or another Ethereum.

“We believe that the winning chain's not gonna win from transactions per second,” Gordon-Brander said. “It's actually about liquidity, which is how much it costs to move money around. It costs a hundred times more to move a Bitcoin to swap on Radium on Solana than it does on day one on our platform. We think that's kind of the thing that will make the difference.”

Outside of the chain, Codex is also launching a wallet called Vinci—or DeFi for everyone in the world. Gordon-Brander said there is no MLKYC required and you can connect it to your bank, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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“Then you can buy crypto. You can exchange from Fiat to Fiat. You can send any cash, any crypto anywhere in the world—settling on a blockchain, pure DiFi, no intermediary. It's not like PayPal or Venmo or CoinBase or your bank where someone is in trust. You have your own keys on the phone, but you have access to basically all of banking—all of exchange, remittance, all of trading, and all of crypto,” Gordon-Brander said.

Gordon-Brander said, over the last 25 years, Codex has built a position as the largest software platform in banking and brokerage, even though many people don’t know about them. Codex runs traditional, around a trillion dollars a month.

“What we've done is taken a lot of craziness of sorts—of legal entity stuff and regulatory stuff and wires and weird wiring and Fiat—we put it all, abstracted it off, and created a clean DeFi environment where we just sort of intermediate with the legacy world for you. But you have legacy-level liquidity happening in DeFi, which, it essentially allows us to pull forward through time,” Gordon-Brander said.

Gordon-Brander said Codex can help millions of unbanked people across the world win financial freedom, such as helping migrant workers send money to their children from anywhere in the world.