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Crypto Is On Track to Become a $100 Trillion Market

The foundations of the world's future financial system are now being laid, says longtime crypto investor.

Crypto is on track to have a capitalization of "at least" $100 trillion, says long-term cryptocurrency investor Scott Walker. 

More than a decade after he sent his first electronic "thing of value from Point A to Point B," Walker describes crypto as being in the early stages of "exponential growth," powered by innovative technologies and ideas that no one could have imagined at the beginning of the Internet era.

“It's so clear to me that we're on the beginning steps of at least a hundred trillion dollar market—maybe multiples of hundreds of trillions of dollars. The entire world's financial system is being built right now in front of our very eyes,” he told Roundtable's Rob Nelson.

Walker says that while Ethereum was the first-mover "layer 1" platform—opening the age of smart contracts—other potential market-makers have emerged to challenge its dominance. 

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“Today, you have, measurably, 80 to 90 different smart contract platforms," he says. "Ethereum has a lot of problems. Maybe they'll all get fixed and Ethereum will [remain] the winning smart contract platform. Maybe it'll be Solana; maybe it'll be Avalanche; maybe it'll be Casper; maybe it will be any one of the 10 or so really high-level valuable layer 1 competitors to Ethereum. Maybe it'll go into the layer 2s. Maybe there's going to be all new DeFi things,” Walker says. 

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