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"It's All About the Gooey": Michael Terpin on the Coming Mass Adoption Wave

DeFi provided by AT&T? Secure crypto wallets on every cell phone? Give it ten years or less, says the veteran crypto entrepreneur.

Despite the rapid pace of innovation in the crypto and blockchain space, many traditional investors continue to be wary. Crypto entrepreneur Michael Terpin, CEO and founder of Transform Group, Bit Angels and CoinAgenda, told Roundtable's Rob Nelson why he thinks those days are numbered, with an accelerated adoption phase just around the corner.

“Blockchain adoption is where the Internet was in late '97—it's pretty much identical," said Terpin. "There was a lot of naysayers of the internet, naysayers of mobile phones, naysayers of blogs. Now everybody's got those devices at home.”

Among the primary obstacles to widespread usage, Terpin argued, is what he called "the gooey": improving graphic interfaces, making applications easier to access, and the like. He anticipates current barriers to widespread crypto use won’t last much longer. Within a decade, he predicts, cell phones will have crypto wallets and phone companies will offer DeFi services.  

“When you have technology that has great potential and most people want it, eventually it wins,” he said.

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