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Crypto Experts on Transformational Trends

Four experts on the future and trends of crypto

Financial experts expressed their thoughts on what would be the next transformation trend in the crypto and financial world.

Greg Carmichael, CIO of Deus Fund, believes the overall structure of cryptocurrency will be transformational. However, Carmichael noted, there needs to be a feedback loop that works correctly.

“Things have to be set up so that there's a motivation for somebody to do things—things in the right way,” Carmichael said.

James Haft, executive chairman of DLT, thinks NFTs—or non-fungible tokens—will become more popular in the future. Currently, Haft said, most people don’t fully understand what NFTs are or what they represent.

Haft said NFTs represent liquidity—the ability to take any object and create a global liquid market. In the future, Haft said, there will be “eBay for everything.”

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Luke Stokes, managing director for FIO, said the future of the workplace will involve DACs or DAOs: decentralized autonomous communities or organizations. Stokes said DACs are new structures for people who come together, with a shared goal, to complete things they couldn’t do on their own.

“They can actually transact in value. They can have mechanisms—we call them worker proposals—to say, ‘I'm going to add value to this community in these specific ways.’ We have smart contracts, which are essentially just rules that are agreed upon by everyone and are very transparent. So, when you do this action, you get this reward. You do this action, you get this reward. There's a mechanism for a community to come together,” Stokes said.

Jillian Godsil, CEO and Editor of, said she is touched by the power in the crypto space and believes that passion will make the world a better space.

“The fact that cryptocurrencies, we're creating value out of nothing but passion. That is lovely,” Godsil said.

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