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Crypto Gaming Allows Players To Own Assets

One you play crypto games, you may never go back

CEO of Splinterlands Jesse Reich created a trading card game that’s built on blockchain technology. Players have the ability to play and trade at any time, earning for every win.

These blockchain-based games take 27 servers to work, running in many different ways than a typical game would.

“Now you have to add these layers of blockchain complexity at the end of all this process and that complexity, you still have to make it fit on a mobile screen, so it's really hard to do this well,” Reich said. “There are lots of projects that are out and lots of projects that are trying to make this work, but—from getting the product working to getting the product to be able to scale to not ruining the economy right after it's launched to keeping a project alive for more of than like three months—this is a really hard place to build.”

One of the benefits of crypto gaming is that players can own assets within the game. Reich said he has players tell him that they’ll never buy a game again now that they can earn their own assets through crypto gaming.

“In our game, if you double your rank, you octuple your rewards. That means that there's a lot of an incentive to try to get the best quality deck to put in a lot of time to master the game and to get as high a rank as you possibly can,” Reich said.

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Players can also buy assets to rent them daily; they are known as whales in the game. Reich calls this the best passive income in the world.

“You basically set your price, give it to the public to choose if they want to voluntarily participate with you, and then they throw money at you,” Reich said “It’s amazing how easy it can be to manage digital assets.”

There is more protection and safety through renting digital assets, Reich said. If you lend a physical card to a friend, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it back.

“The pillars of our game are really: community, economy, and game mechanics,” Reich said. “That community piece really comes as we've fostered a healthy, happy community.”

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