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Dating apps are wading into the virtual asset space by offering rewards in cryptocurrency to users who go on dates or masturbate, according to Grid

Datingverse is an app that brings dating into the metaverse, asking you to go on a virtual date and earn cryptocurrency in the process. “From traditional dating to Tinder and Bumble in Web2, dating culture has changed,” Louis Xiang, the  co-founder of Datingverse, told Grid

“With the development of Web3, I believe this culture will change further. At least the immersive experience has been predicted, and more and more vendors are joining this ecosystem to give it the possibility of getting applied. With the help of VR and sensor hardware, we can even get sexual pleasure from each other in the virtual world.”

Similarly, Sexn is a new dating app that gives users crypto for engaging in sex or masturbation. To join, users need to first purchase a non-fungible token or NFT. According to Grid, the primary way the app would evaluate (and compensate) these activities is by using smartwatches to assess heart rates, blood oxygen concentrations and respiratory rates, among other variables.

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“There’ll be no significant movement of GPS position during sex, of course,” co-founder Max, who goes by only his first name, told Grid. “So the heart rate growth curve of sex is totally different from other sports, and the change curve of breath is different. This oxygen saturation with sex is different from other sports as well. The hands action during sex is different from other sports. So if you’re thinking that you can get the NFT and just go running because you’re sweating because your body temperature is getting up the app will judge that you are not doing the act, therefore, you will not be rewarded with a token.”

So far, Sexn has not levied a know-your-customer requirement for registration.