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Divi and LaLiga Strike a Deal to Bring Crypto to the Masses

How fans’ love for football and crypto overlap

CEO of the Divi Project Geoffrey McCabe wants to get you invested in cryptocurrency in as a little as 20 seconds through the love of football.

Through a phone number and the Divi app, people can get a link from a bot that they click on and will have crypto in their wallet. It’s as simple as that.

McCabe is partnering with football leagues to make crypto even more accessible and mainstream.

“We just signed on Monday, a deal with LaLiga, which is the biggest football league in the world. It's the first time a major sports league partnered with a cryptocurrency wallet ecosystem. And that's gonna give us access to a population of three or 4 billion people—a billion LaLiga fans,” McCabe said.

McCabe has been developing co-branded strategies to get people into the world of crypto. He said LaLiga has been looking to expand into different markets outside of football. Together, Divi and LaLiga struck a 3.5-year deal to bring crypto to a billion people.

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“When they looked at all the ways that their market and their customers—their fans—overlap with other markets, they discovered that there's a 60% overlap between cryptocurrency fans and football fans,” McCabe said. “They realize that there was a lot of potential to develop something. They scoured the market, they found Divi and they loved our community and they loved our attitude about making things easy. They could see that with our attitude about making things ready for mass adoption, their users would be able to adopt it and use it.”

McCabe added that the overlap of football and crypto fans is extremely powerful but it still is underutilized by many.

“Probably the two most fanatical groups of fans in the world are crypto fans that support their cryptos and football fans,” McCabe said. “The overlap of football and crypto is extremely powerful and they're aware of that. The opportunity right now for Divi is one of the best, I think, in the world. And nobody knows about it yet.”

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