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The Future of Finance Is Crypto

The future is crypto, according to these experts

A roundtable discussion featured financial experts Luke Stokes, managing director for FIO; Jillian Godsil, CEO & Editor of; David Namdar, GP Coral Capital; Greg Carmichael, CIO of Deus Fund, and James Haft, executive chairman of DLT discussing various hot topics in the industry.

The experts discussed how the increasing popularity of Bitcoin has caused its price to surge.

“Fear of missing out” causes investors to make irrational decisions when investing, and sometimes causes overpricing. Haft also discussed ETFs in the United States and said it’s no longer a leading nation in the industry. With recent decisions regarding ETFs, Haft believes it’s merely a distraction from the bigger issues at hand—the future of ETFs in the country.

Carmichael discussed how ETFs are manipulating the price of the cryptocurrency. Most Bitcoin holders are private individuals, which can cause the currency to “short squeeze” if there isn’t enough Bitcoin to fill contracts.

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Haft also noted how the future might accept NFTs more, with generations to come widely accepting and using NFTs. Haft said these entities represent liquidity and allow people to trade them easily. Stokes noted how the future of the workplace may also change, with DACs becoming more widely discussed. The traditional job in the future may be workers bouncing around from job to job, utilizing smart contracts for the greater good.