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A Positive Prognosis for Ukraine: Russia's Military Force has Little Left to Give

Global Ledger founder Vladimir Karishev explains his optimism about the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a historical watershed for many reasons, among them the unprecedented role that cryptocurrency has played in international aid. Vladimir Karishev, the Ukrainian founder of Global Ledger, joined a Roundtable panel at Crypto Monday in San Juan to discuss the ongoing crisis and the outpouring of support from the crypto community.

In this segment, Vladimir Karishev, Ukrainian founder of Global Ledger, discusses his prognosis for the war on Ukraine. He explains that he remains optimistic, largely because of Russia's military strategy.

"Russia never had a big military force, and they've already used 90% of their active military force. They used it completely ineffectively," he said. "In two weeks, using all their force, they didn't capture even like one city. They didn't even capture cities on the border."

He also points to the global outpouring of solidarity for Ukraine as an encouraging factor, in contrast to the lukewarm response Russia has received even from China.

"We have support of the whole world," Karishev said. "Russia doesn't have allies. China is not an ally."

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Roundtable Guests:

Vladimir Karishev, co-founder, Global Ledger

Sergii Grybniak, CTO, Waterfall

Watch the full discussion below: