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The Crypto Journey of Keiko Yoshino

How a former federal government employee joined the crypto melting pot of San Juan.

Years ago, Keiko Yoshino packed up her life and moved to Washington D.C to work for the municipal government. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she traveled to San Juan for a weekend vacation. Nearly a year later, she's still on the island and has no plans to leave.   

Now the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association, Yoshino described to Roundtable how crypto changed her life—and why events like Puerto Rico Blockchain Week are so important to the island and the crypto space generally. 

“The diversity and inclusivity [presents] an opportunity [to meet] people who you wouldn't normally talk to or see. It's important to curate these moments, to create these opportunities,” Yoshino said. “Mingling and having a conversation with Scott Walker, where does that happen but in San Juan?" 

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