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Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, best noted for her film Mean Girls, is joining other celebrities in auctioning "experiential non-fungible tokens (NFTs)" that allow fans to meet celebrities in person or online and partake in an activity together, such as taking an acting class or getting a gym lesson.

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The sale of the experiential NFTs will occur on the Superfandom platform, which runs on the layer-one, open-source Stacks blockchain and is a subsidiary of Rare Sense. Lohan has announced she will be an advisor for Superfandom, in addition to selling NFTs.

Lohan is no stranger to the NFT universe, having already released a song as an NFT. She also sold a $15,000 Daft Punk-themed NFT on the digital collectibles platform Rarible.

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Lohan will join other TV stars taking part in Superfandom's experiential NFTs, ranging from Home Improvement actor Richard Karn and Starship Troopers' actor Jake Busey to 30 Minutes' actress Riya Sen.

Indian singer Jubin Nautiyal is also participating, while other celebrities are offering the opportunity to be their golf buddy for a day or take an acting or workout session with a professional. Some celebrity chefs will offer a live cooking tutorial as part of their experiential NFT.

Superfandom is also planning to resell experiences, with the option of creating a secondary market for the experiential NFTs.