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With the McRib scheduled to make its return this fall, McDonald's is celebrating the anniversary with new NFT digital collectibles. 

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The announcement of the new NFTs says that McDonald's is "creating a limited number of NFTs in celebration of the McRib’s 40th anniversary. For those new to the world of NFTs (like us), they are non-fungible tokens – unique pieces of virtual art that can’t be duplicated."

McDonald's adds that its new NFTs are digital versions of its fan-favorite McRib sandwich.

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"Our McRib NFTs are digital versions of the fan-favorite sandwich – almost as saucy as the McRib itself– and we’re giving them away to a few lucky fans on Twitter beginning Nov. 1."

As the company mentioned, the NFTs are available on Nov 1. To win one of these saucy NFTs, you need to follow McDonald's on Twitter and retweet the sweepstakes invitation between Nov. 1 and Nov. 7.

By the 12th, McDonald's will choose 10 players that will receive the McRib NFTs. Players will need to have an Ethereuem based wallet to actually receive the NFTs.

This is technically not the first time McDonald's has participated in the crypto game. In early October, McDonald's celebrated its 31st anniversary in China by gifting 188 NFTs to both employees and customers. 

The NFTs featured a Big Mac Rubiks Cube that was modeled after McDonald’s new official headquarters in Shanghai. The McRib NFTs giveaway in the United States is facilitated using the Ethereum blockchain while the Big Mac NFTs in China were built on the Conflux blockchain.