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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced that it plans to open a metaverse-themed shop in Burlingame, California this May 9 to sell products for the virtual reality sector.

For those who do not want to make the trek to Facebook's campus in California, it will also be possible to buy Facebook's virtual reality hardware online.

"At the Meta Store, we want you to interact with everything. We want you to pick stuff up. We want you to feel it," the company said.

The 1,550-square ft. Meta Store will be located near Reality Labs HQ, where the company says it's building the metaverse itself.

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Meta is clear that the hardware sold in the store will help customers link to the actual metaverse it plans to unveil: “The Meta Store is going to help people make that connection to how our products can be the gateway to the metaverse in the future," said Martin Gilliard, Head of Meta Store. "We’re not selling the metaverse in our store, but hopefully people will come in and walk out knowing a little bit more about how our products will help connect them to it.”

Meta plans to announce a range of offerings at the store, from video calls through Portal to Quest 2 demos.

“Once people experience the technology, they can gain a better appreciation for it. If we did our job right, people should leave and tell their friends, ‘You’ve got to go check out the Meta Store,” Gilliard added.