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New York’s financial district has the iconic Charging Bull of Wall Street to symbolize financial optimism, and now, one of Bitcoin’s most crypto-friendly cities has the “Miami Bull.”

During the Bitcoin 2022 conference on Wednesday, Miami mayor Francis Suarez, best-known for evangelizing about Bitcoin, unveiled a 3,000-pound bull with laser eyes. The bull will relocate to the Miami Dade College Campus after the conference.

Commissioned by the Florida-based trading platform TradeStation, the bull’s “presence further reaffirms the strength of Miami’s position on the financial world stage,” Suarez said. “The future of finance is here, in Miami.”

“It’s hard to deny this is an amazing opportunity for companies to come here and build out their project in crypto,” John Bartleman, CEO of TradeStation, told AP.

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Last year, the Republican mayor said that he would accept his paychecks in Bitcoin. Since then, Suarez has tried to lure crypto entrepreneurs to the coastal city — the "Wall Street of the South — to create a Bitcoin hub. Miami is designing a “crypto coast” for crypto-focused tech companies and startups, and wants to ensure they see Miami as the epicenter for blockchain and crypto innovation.

“We need to elect pro-Bitcoin candidates, and yes, the next President of the U.S. has to be a pro-Bitcoin candidate, “ Suarez said. “What’s at stake is federal legislation that can either propel us into the next generation or can set us back. There’s one thing that the U.S. should never do. It should never agree on anything with Russia and China when it comes to Bitcoin.”

“We have to lean into this generational wealth creation opportunity so that the poor in our community don’t get left behind like they always do when government intervenes,” Suarez added. “We have to understand that Bitcoin has the possibility of being able to allow for people to transmit money outside of the banking system, efficiently and quickly.”