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Crypto Adoption Around the Planet: A View from Miss World

Finalists in the Miss World competition are excited about the possibilities that the blockchain provides.

After being postponed because of the pandemic, this year’s Miss World pageant in Puerto Rico brought together young women from across the globe. Several of the finalists joined Roundtable at the Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in San Juan to talk about social impact, crypto and the future of their countries’ youth.

In this segment, the finalists from Kenya, France, Canada and Venezuela discuss how innovators in cryptocurrency can benefit their countries.

Alejandra Conde of Venezuela has been ahead of the curve on Bitcoin adoption, and she is eager to see her fellow Venezuelans do the same.

"I've been working with Bitcoin since three years ago, and I remember that when I started, people believed it was crazy," she said. "I bought my first car with Bitcoin. When I hear more about Bitcoin, to me it means that the country is developing."

Svetlana Mameva, who runs financial education workshops in her home country of Canada, notes that issues with financial literacy can be barriers to women getting involved with crypto.

"When it comes to traditional finance, only one in three women say they're financially knowledgeable, let alone these new inventions," she said. "So I'm really interested in finding ways to close these gaps. If women felt less intimidated by the space, then we would have more incredible leaders, and the more leaders we have, the more women would be attracted because they would see great role models."

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Roundtable Guests:

Sharon Obara, Miss Kenya

April Benayoum, Miss France

Svetlana Mameva, Miss Canada

Alejandra Conde, Miss Venezuela

Watch the full discussion below: