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Young People Have a Future in Blockchain

The 2021 Miss World finalists see the blockchain as a source of potential opportunity for today's youth.

After being postponed because of the pandemic, this year’s Miss World pageant in Puerto Rico brought together young women from across the globe. Several of the finalists joined Roundtable at the Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in San Juan to talk about social impact, crypto and the future of their countries’ youth.

In this segment, contestants discuss how they see technology playing into the future of their countries.

Manasa Varanasi, representing India, noted that technology in general—and the blockchain in particular—has untapped potential to transform the lives of her fellow Indians.

“Blockchain technology can really reshape our lives in so many more ways than we could possibly imagine,” she said. “The computer science student in me is very curious to see how it can make our lives more meaningful, more stable and more convenient.”

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Sienna Evans of the Bahamas has already experimented with using technology for social change, and she is eager to continue exploring its possibilities.

“We created an AI-based software that uses an algorithm to match people who require mental health therapy and counseling to counselors who specialize in what they need,” she said. “When you're able to use technology, you can reach people at a much greater rate.”

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests

Svetlana Mamaeva, Miss Canada

Manasa Varansa, Miss India

April Benayoum, Miss France

Sharon Obara, Miss Kenya

Shree Saini, Miss United States

Alejandra Conde, Miss Venezuela