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One Coin is One Meal

Alex Lightman is using crypto to feed billions of people

Investor Alex Lightman is the bright mind behind using crypto to feed a billion people. Using his exchange, Coin Field, he created a coin that is equal to one meal that people can redeem for food.

“If I gave a person—let's say in India—who doesn't have much money but who had a mobile phone and a wallet—a coin field wallet—365 coins, that person could eat a meal every day of next year, whatever the food inflation prices are. That's the idea. If you buy your food with Coin Field coins, you are going to raise the value of a Coin Field coin, which means the buying power of people who are giving them away as meals and food,” Lightman said.

Purchasing a coin is similar to purchasing a software license, Lightman said; it gives you the ability to get a discount on trading fees for a CoinField coin.

“Let's just say that you just made a big crop of yams or sweet potatoes or cassava or rice or soy. You can go on NWASSA, sell that, and then one of over a thousand delivery people will come pick it up and take it to someone else,” Lightman said.

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Lightman joked that he wants to have “a party with people who like to feed people and to have food.” Lightman said he’s a big fan of Jason King—who he’s worked with in crypto projects. King created a code that allowed him to get paid in Bitcoin in order to feed homeless people.

“He said, ‘I'm able to get the cost of a meal down $5, $4, $3. And I can get it down to $1.50. That just stayed in my head. It was one of those ideas that I kept willing like, ‘wow, what, what can I do with that?’ Now, I have an exchange and I can make an exchange coin. I thought one coin, one meal and lock-in buying power for food at a time when food inflation is huge,” Lightman said.

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