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PKT Will Pay You For Unused Internet Bandwidth

PKT wants to give the internet back to the people

Have you been looking for a way to make extra cash? PKT might be just the thing you’re looking for. PKT allows people to earn money with their unused internet bandwidth.

Founding member of PKT Josh Berger said they’re trying to decouple the relationship between infrastructure providers to give the internet back to the people.

“Most people don't even realize that the internet itself is free. It is decentralized, and these internet service providers have just figured out how to create a toll booth to get onto the internet,” Berger said. “What we're trying to accomplish with PKT is being able to give the power back to the people and create an economic incentive where a blockchain pays you to do so.”

PKT is unlike internet service providers because it isn’t an actual company at all. PKT isn’t owned by anyone and there’s no venture funding, Berger said. When PKT first started, the founders mined coins fairly.

To access PKT, Berger said people can download the code from and install it on a laptop. PKT doesn’t require you to pay any fees for the code, so you can start earning money right away.

“You can just start making money, and it pays you every 60 seconds for the internet that you're already paying for and under utilizing,” Berger said.

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PKT Community Manager Brian Santos said PKT allows anyone to become their own internet service provider by disintermediating the internet.

“We have bootstrapped this thing from virtually zero t0 $100 million-$200 million+ market cap now,” Santos said.

PKTEER Mining Pool Owner Dillon Bracken wants people to understand how smajor PKT is in the tech world.

“People wanna put money in. It's not just a little bit; this is fully diluted. Market cap is somewhere around the ballpark of $100 million. This is serious. This is big for a pre-list coin to be that big, especially a utility coin like this,” Bracken said. “There's not a lot of projects that are like that.”

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