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Earn-to-Play Allows Users to Make Money Off Their Own Time

Jesse Reich wants to give players value for their time.

CEO of Splinterlands Jesse Reich is giving value and financial incentive to players in his games. Rather than suck money out of people while they spend time playing games, Reich wants players to earn money by playing the games they love.

“This is more generating cash for everybody that's part of the ecosystem, so it's not quite an expense the same way,” Reich said. “There's not a lot of ways to directly influence customers for your business to want to be there, want to do that, pay them for their attention and get them involved, and call them into your community so that they can never leave it and play-to-earn does that.”

Reich said, through partnerships with other brands, players could have the ability to own assets from franchises they love.

“If we're able to work with the largest brand in the country and in the world to go bring their characters to life, it's good for us and it's good for the brand,” Reich said. “Imagine that all these people start owning John Snow or individual dragons or they own keeps and castles and all this digital property and they can interact with other fans that love all that same genre.”

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Reich said people could potentially go from an average fan to someone who’s invested a significant portion of their net worth into the game. The more people play, the more they can earn money for themselves, rather than earn money for the game creator.

“Splinterlands is really minted somewhere between two and three dozen millionaires,” Reich said. “It's people that have done well and it's at both ends of that spectrum of the people that have earned beds, so they don't sleep on the floor. And it's people that have earned fortunes by figuring out how to navigate this landscape,” Reich said.

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