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Laying the Foundations for Crypto's "Motor City"

The tech innovators flocking to Puerto Rico remind Michael Terpin of the man who turned Detroit into an iconic industrial-age powerhouse.

Crypto pioneer, blockchain impresario, and San Juan resident Michael Terpin believes his adopted home has the potential to become the Motor City of the 21st-century. In an interview with Roundtable on the sidelines of Blockchain Week, he recalled how Henry Ford sought to create something more than a car company—he set out to build a “car city.” That sprawling, themed metropolis, Detroit, grew to provide good jobs and shared prosperity for generations of Michigan workers and their families. 

“The [idea] is not only to come here and create a [crypto] community, but also to help the people of the island,” Terpin said.

“You feed a man of fish, as they say in the Bible, he's no longer hungry for a day. You teach him to fish, you can make them self-sustaining for life.”

Watch the full interview:

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