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The Crypto Conference For Investors Who are Afraid of Crypto

Michael Terpin is on a mission to bring traditional investors into the blockchain space.

For investors entering the blockchain space for the first time, navigating a new and unfamiliar landscape can feel daunting, if not disorienting. Michael Terpin has spent nearly a decade working to make this experience less unnerving, while also building bridges between the worlds of crypto and traditional finance.

Terpin currently helms a triad of crypto initiatives aimed at enlarging the blockchain tent. Along with serving as CEO of a blockchain marketing company, the Transform Group, he is the founding director of the BitAngels investor network and the CoinAgenda conference series. While attending Blockchain Week in San Juan, Terpin spoke with Roundtable's Ron Nelson about the origins and goals of his numerous endeavors.

“I saw venture capital companies investing back in early 2013, and I was like, 'Well, where are the angels in the ecosystem?" he said. He started the BitAngels network later that year to facilitate the entry of angel investors in the blockchain space. Within days of its founding, the network had amassed dozens of members. From there, Terpin said, the CoinAgenda conference series evolved organically—"a logical spinoff of BitAngels.” After starting with virtual events, he hosted the first physical event in Las Vegas in 2014. 

In 2017, Terpin turned that event into a conference for traditional investors who are, as he puts it, “afraid of bitcoin.” 

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This week's CoinAgenda conference in San Juan featured pitches from over 20 companies. To encourage attendance by native Puerto Ricans, Terpin reduced the conference price for locals by half. 

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