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The Next Generation May Change Finance Through Mass Crypto Adoption

The future of finance is within the next generation

CEO and Editor, Jillian Godsil thinks that the next few generations of kids will have a better understanding of finance and that there’s no need to worry about mass adoption since children naturally adapt and learn new things.

“If you see babies, a year old baby, who has access to a smart device, if you put them in front of a magazine or a book, they try and pinch and squeeze the book to make the picture grow big and small. As the next generation that comes through, they don't have to be adopted. It's just there,” Godsil said.

GP Coral Capital David Namdar said that cryptocurrency and other financial applications, like Robinhood, will become easier for users to use—despite them maybe not fully understanding how it works.

“Most of us don't know and understand the technology—the hardware, software —that goes into a phone, yet, we all use it. Eventually, thanks to entrepreneurs in this space … all of this stuff is going to get easier and easier,” Namdar said.

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Namdar also said that kids are growing up in a world where they can interact with money and financial assets 24/7. Many kids understand terms like NFTs and are excited about owning things in the digital and physical realm, Namdar added.

Namdar said he’s excited about the future since younger generations will make changes to existing protocols and institutions.

“When they start to grow a bit older and realize the inefficiencies of the existing financial infrastructure that still exists—9-5 or 9-4, five days a week—they're gonna have no interest in investing through the traditional stock market that closes,” Namdar said. “The idea of an institution where you can't access your money at night and on the weekend is going to be mind boggling to that.”