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The Roundtable: From Web 1.0 to Web3

In a few decades, the Internet has gone from being a subculture and a curio, to an interactive necessity for professionals and creatives of every stripe.

When Web2 upended the first iteration of the Internet, everything changed, from how we shop, to how we communicate, to how we learn. To discuss the past, present, and future of the Internet, Roundtable's Rob Nelson convened a panel of experts including Jordan Fried, Founder of, Taylor Ferber, host of "Cancel Me, Baby!" podcast, and Tommy Petrov, CMO of In this segment, the panel discusses the changes of the last three decades when the first Internet gave way to Web 2.0—which is now on the cusp of becoming Web3.

Jordan Fried of notes that it wasn't that long ago that people were still dismissing the Internet as a passing fashion. 

"Web 1 was just a 'fad' period," he says. "This was where we learned very quickly that everyone needed a web presence, [even though] our skeptical reporter friends told us, 'Don't worry about that." 

He continues, "And we all learned that everyone does need a web presence. We've seen everyone from a barber to a pediatrician to an accountant to a law firm, all really needing a web presence. Web 2.0 introduces to the notion of it's not good enough just to have a web presence anymore. User-generated content is now a real thing and you need to interact. Whoever thought in the nineties that KPMG would be tweeting? Web3 is the entrance of the internet of ownership, where we as users are no longer just users."

Tommy Petrov, of Free2Shred, adds that the nature of communication on the Internet has steadily become less text-based since Web 1.0, with visual and video communication and storytelling becoming dominant.

"The Web3 creative economy is monetizing creativity [that has] mainly changed from saying things with text to saying them visually," he says. 

"It's hard to understand how we [used to use] 3,000 words, and now we post a video with a weird filter. It's just different approach. We're changing how people create content. And boosting and empowering that is essential."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Jordan Fried, Founder,

Taylor Ferber, Host, Cancel Me, Baby! Podcast

Tommy Petrov, CMO,